Posted on Jun 29, 2020

The Hairy Bear - Bearsted Barbers


With new rules and regulations so please “BEAR” with us a little as you know it’s a NEW WORLD for us all at the moment and we as a business have had to make many changes in order to provide a safe barber shop for all clients and ourselves!

We will be having FIVE barbers in the weekend of SATURDAY 4th JULY.

All of our staff are fully trained on the covid rules and procedures and we will of course keep you as safe as we possible can.

Please bring a mask with you to the shop as these need to be worn by every client, if you do not have one, you can purchase one from us for £1.

The procedures are;

1. You need come to the shop and collect a buzzer system and this will be your appointment.
2. Please wait outside in a new seating area or wait within the local vicinity and wait for your buzzer to go off.
3. When your buzzer goes off, that means we are ready for you.
4. If you do not respond to the buzzer, we will phone you as we will be taking down your number too.
5. For the first weekend there will be no waiting inside the shop. When we remove the fifth chair for the following week (From Monday), we will have waiting available inside the shop, but unless weather is bad, we will encourage people to wait in the seating area outside.
6. Please do not come to the shop if you are feeling ill or if you suspect you may have come into contact with the COVID-19 virus and therefore you are contagious.

Saturday 4th July (8am-6pm)
Sunday 5th July (9am-5pm)
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